NOM – Double Dipped Almonds – Caramel Love

Amongst all the other great sh1t that I got during the holidays was this small, brightly coloured packet, which I assume is a sample. (great gift idea, btw – save some money and give that extended family member that you don’t like the gift of a free sample.)

It is labeled ‘NOM’ which is, I believe is a slang word used to indicate the pleasure of eating something delicious or food that is eaten furiously because it is delicious. I believe it is also an example of an Onomatopoeia as ‘nom’ is a sound that is repeatedly emitted when one in sucks air, along with food, whilst making chewing motions with the mouth. Usually this is done because the food is too delicious to interrupt any of the devouring process before refilling the mouth. A process that I am very familiar with – I am no stranger to ‘the way of the nom’.

I entertained the idea that ‘NOM’ may be an acronym – I found 38 of them in common use. None seemed as relevant to the content of this packet as the above definition, but some could have worked:

Natural Organic Material
No Offense Meant
Not Original Manufacturer
Network Operations Manager
New Order Mormon

Anyone got one they would like to add to the list?

After baselessly guessing and searching at random- I checked the nomnewzealand website where I finally found the answer: “NOM stands for phenomenal experiences that indulge your senses.”

Wait… Does that work? Shouldn’t it be PETIYS?

Oh! phe-NOM-enal experiences that indulge your senses. I think. Well whatever, it is their product, they are the authority on the subject…

Opening the packet I was surprised when several balls of chocolate rolled forth from within despite the fact that there was a picture of a chocolate coated almond on the front (and also a giraffe for some reason…)

Sweet and creamy milk chocolate flavoured with caramel over a crunchy whole almond, what’s not to love? It was very tasty indeed. I think this is better than other chocolate coated almonds that I have tried – only one other brand springs to mind. Better than that one. Consider my senses indulged.

Needlessly Obscure Meaning – 7/10

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