Nestlé – Golden Rough

This year has been pretty rough and as the dust begins to settle on the pandemic shit here in New Zealand, what better time than now to review the Golden Rough. This shit was suggested back towards the beginning of the year by none other than long time supporter @seasonsofmay .

I have been doing these reviews long enough now to divine the foodstuff contained in the packaging, so for this review I am going to perform an amazing trick and guess what this shit is without having opened the packet.

I am locking in a block of Nestlé milk chocolate with roasted coconut in it.

Okay folks, let’s see how I did.

Wow! Incredible! 10 points! I am probably the most talented food reviewer ever to have walked the earth. After tearing open the packet with my sharp mandibles, I discovered a  block of Nestlé milk chocolate with roasted coconut in it!

Now ladies and gentlemen, for my next astounding trick, I will make it disappear…

The coconut pretty much tasted of decimated coconut, actually hang on let me look that up, ‘desiccated’ coconut, sorry. Did you know that to decimate is the act of selecting every tenth man, by lot and putting them to death? It was done by the ancient Romans as a military punishment for units or large groups. Woah, well I sure learned something today….

Anyway, desiccated coconut is different, it is just dried coconut. Thank goodness, this was starting to get dark there for a second. The Nestlé chocolate was fairly dark in colour, but was sweet, with none of the bitterness of a darker chocolate. I found it went very well with the coconut. Not as much coconut as a Bounty, just enough to add some delicious texture and depth.

When the going gets rough – 6/10

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