Mudita Cakes – Cookies

I was sitting out on the front deck enjoying the rain this long weekend when suddenly a package dropped from the skies and landed in my lap. I turned it over several times in my hands before I recognised it as a box of cookies from muditacakes .

It seems that they wanted me to taste their wares and let yous all know what I thought of it. Damn, I was hoping to have a horribly boring and pointless weekend and now I have to eat cookies. The life of a sh1teater can be very difficult at times, but I wouldn’t choose to be anything else.

Let’s just get straight into this as it looks like I will be able to fill the caption limit easily enough with the boon of baked goods nestled in my arms. It does state that these cookies are better warmed for 10-15 seconds so I sat on them like a hen incubating an egg. I just looked this up and it is also called ‘brooding’ – that’s pretty emo.

Mint Chocolate Chunk Cookie – 

Rich and chocolatey mass of fudgey chunky goodness, punctuated by minty green morsels of sweetness. Not super minty – chocolate with hints of mints.

Chocolate Chunk and Hazelnut Cookie –

Generously nutty and crunchy with chunks of chocolate. I think this one was my favourite, Nuts and chocolate together – sh1t yeah. 

Biscoff Stuffed Cookie –

What the sh1t is Biscoff? Oh, it’s a spread that everyone is eating and I can’t find in my supermarket. I think it is like cookie crumbs made into a spread or something, it is yum. It got cold as I was taking photos, but when warm it flowed like cookie magma.  

Hundreds & Thousands Cookie – 

Hundred and/or thousands of tiny rainbow coloured dragee on a biscuit. Look at that coverage – if viewed from above you might never know that there was a biscuit nestled under there. Usually a plain and boring piece of sh1t, what lay beneath was a light and buttery biscuit base. I tried each colour separately, they all tasted the same .

Bonus sh1ts: 

All these cookies are vegan. So extra points if you only eat veganstuffs. 

‘Mudita’ means joy, especially vicarious joy  – taking pleasure in the happiness of others.

Eating these made me happy.

I hope this gives you all ‘mudita’ – 8.5/10

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