Much Moore – Fairy Bread Ice Cream

We all love fairy bread, I get it. But is fairy bread even any good? It is literally just hundreds of thousands glued on bread with some butter. 

And hundreds of thousands? Yeah cool name and all, but hundreds and thousands are just small coloured beads of sugar. 

Let us try to separate childhood nostalgia from objective fact: Fairy bread is just bread and butter with sugar on it.

I know it sounds harsh, but that’s it. Those exciting multicolored treats that you used to love? Bread and sugar. Sorry.

So when I was recommended Much Moore Ice Cream Fairy Bread Ice Cream to review, a lot of worrying questions came to mind:

Can you put bread in ice cream? And is bread and butter with sugar a valid ice cream flavour? And if you just put coloured balls of sugar in a tub of ice cream is it any good for anyone over the age of 6?

As I opened the tub, a look of exasperated criticism painted on my face, I was cheered by the fact that this was actually pink and I could see little multi-coloured eyes staring at me from the ice cream as I felt my childhood returning and my imagination starting to rattle it’s chains from deep within it’s forgotten penitence…

Glee spread over my face as I grabbed a spoon and dug into the sparkling unicorn sh1t.

Turns out this isn’t really fairy bread, as I defined it above, but rather an interpretation of what fairy bread means. This is the representation of what fairy bread should be in an ideal world unjaded by adult realities. The essence of fairy bread. 

First up there was no bread, instead this has chunks of delicious (vanilla) biscuit littered throughout, somehow still slightly crunchy, The pink ice cream was creamy and tasted of marshmallow,and perhaps vaguely strawberry? 🤔- a good chance this is just the pink suggesting icing or bubblegum or cotton candy or strawberry or unicorn sh1t – my newly awakened imagination has made it hard to separate reality from fiction, but I was 100% sure that I was having fun. Very sweet, but very nice. 

Fairy bread? More like Fairytale – 7.5 / 10

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