m&m’s – Cookie Dough

m&ms cookie dough packaging

m&m’s – Cookie Dough

It has been such a long time since I have found anything new, but this week I happened to be walking the aisles in my local supermarket when suddenly a wild m&m’s flavour appears. It was pink in colour and labelled cookie dough on the front of the packet. What could this mean? Join me on my journey of discovery as I delve deep into the strange and wonderful world of the cookie dough m&m…

The m&m’s range always seems to do well on the website, so I am always happy to do a review on them, but damn there are a lot of m&m limited flavours coming out of recent, all of them have been good as far as I am concerned.

I worry a little that there have been too many m&m’s variations – as much as I enjoy trying new and interesting flavours, all the m&m ones have sort of run together in my head. Without cheating and looking back over my posts I can remember mocha and brownie and… yeah that is about it. Was there a honeycomb one? Bacon maybe? 

Sh1t. First world problems. I am upset because there are too many m&m flavours.

The contents of this packet was as unremarkable as any other packet of m&m, containing the usual multi coloured chocolate dragees and deftly biting one in half revealed a centre consisting of a lighter brown soft and chewy mass of what is supposed to be cookie dough. Devouring the rest of it revealed that it tasted like cookie dough.

m&ms Cookie Dough inside
m&ms Cookie Dough Nutritional Information

It is hard to rate these, because maybe I am bored with m&m flavour ideas or something because they didn’t really excite me. But on the other hand there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, in fact the opposite, they are very tasty and adequately accomplished a cookie dough flavour.

I think I will just rate these as highly as they deserve and then subtract one point because I am not feeling it. Perhaps it is the sh1tty weather. Perhaps I need to get myself into a more m&m mood next time.

Seasonal depression is real.


It’s not them, it’s me – 6/10

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