m&m’s – Bubble Gum flavour

So here is something that looks sh1t

I bought it straight away, of course, and sitting perplexed and intimidated, staring at the blindingly hot pink packet, I began to examine the life choices that had led me to this point… To late to change the past now though.

m&m’s have taken inspiration from another giant name in confectionary, hubba bubba to make m&m’s that are inspired by the taste of bubble gum. M&m’s brand is owned by the Mars Wrigley Confectionery division of Mars Incorporated and they have teamed up with themselves here to bring us this – because Hubba-Bubba is also part of Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of sources, but it would seem that there are cases in which it really shouldn’t. I feel like I have already experimented with eating bubble gum and chocolate at the same time long ago (like when I was 8) and quickly came to the conclusion that this combination wasn’t worth looking into any further than the initial trials.

Tearing the packet open unleashed a strong bubblegum scent and indeed these tasted initially like bubble gum, a sh1tty, cloying flavour that reminded me very much of a children’s toothpaste, before it subsided and the milk chocolate came through. As I worked my way through it, I noticed a subtle bitter aftertaste building, it was like the taste one finds in bubble gum after chewing it too long and the flavour has gone.

This was weird, as I anticipated, but also it was definitely hubba bubba inspired m&m’s – exactly as it said on the packing, for better or for worse. I didn’t hate this, but I didn’t really like it either. I will admit that I did finish it all and nothing bad happened. In saying that, nothing good happened either…

Em & ew – 4.5/10

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