Milkshake Lumps

Didn’t we just do pineapple lumps?

Yes, but I found another lump and thought I should get it looked at straight away, so like it or lump it.

Also @pascalllollies instagram account is still looking sh1t so I thought I would help them out. In fact, why don’t 542 of you go and follow them so that they can get to 1000 follows at least. Maybe that will inspire them to post more of their delicious creations more often. I mean, very few of you even knew of that pineapple lump ice cream bar. If it ain’t on the internet, does it even really exist?

These are yet another variation on the pineapple lump. This time they have scooped out all of the pineapple sh1t and filled it with milkshake sh1t.

I have never been a huge fan of the Milkshake, but I respect those many who are. It always seemed a little too subtle in flavour for me. They just taste of sweet to me, maybe with a hint of a condensed milk type of flavour and an elusive wisp of vanilla.

These actually tasted pretty good to me, but get ready for even more subtlety. The chocolate coating was good, but seemed to kill just about all the flavour that makes milkshake milkshakey. I was left feeling that I had just eaten a generic, sweet, chewy, precursor ingredient to a lollie, chocolate coating being the most exciting thing about it.

There was a little of the milk flavour in there and if I concentrated really hard I could just about bring the vanilla into focus, but these mostly came through at the end after the chocolate had dispersed. The texture was more like a pineapple lump which I prefer to the way the milkshake would cling to the teeth like a cavity inducing limpet.

To be fair, I still enjoyed the experience of eating this sh1t and I would not hesitate to eat it again, but I might wait until they have been reduced for clearance.

Brings all the boys to the yard – 6.5/10

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