Mexicano Corn Chip – Guacamole

This has been on my sh1tlist for a good long while now, in fact let me check… oof July?!!

I had been scouring near and far for 3 months hunting the famed lost corn chip of Guacamole and after running out of shops I turned my expedition back towards home. 3 long months wandering through supermarkets and coming up empty had taken its toll, I cursed my wasted efforts and spat on the ground:

“Guacamole corn chips!? A myth. A cruel joke.”

Almost back to base, I noticed something unusual on the horizon, in a nearby shop. A glint, barely perceivable, possibly just a trick of the rain. I had already stalked through every blasted aisle of that supermarket and left empty handed. But maybe I could find something to bring home so that this mission had not been a complete and abject waste of time.

I shook my head as I entered the supermarket and stopped dead almost immediately as my eyes adjusted to the bright glare that I had seen from across the valley. I had to rub my eyes several times before I could fully comprehend what I was seeing.

There before me, nestled amongst the gold and artifacts was a bag of Mexicano’s Guacamole flavoured corn chips. I know not why this treasure deposit had suddenly revealed itself, but I am betting that the ancient gods took pity on me and exposed this new trove with an unpleasant weather event.

The flavour was a bit bland for my tastes, just not strong enough. There was a subtle creamy avocado flavour with perhaps the barest hint of onion. The strongest impression I got was a tangy citrus hit at the end, but even this was a little on the subtle side. I realise that guacamole’s main ingredient is avocado, a fruit not known for its intensity, but the flavour was very good as I discovered licking the crumbs and flavour dust from the bottom of the bag. I would’ve enjoyed this more flavour application engineer had a heavier hand.

Same delicious, perfect texture corn chip underneath the light dusting of flavour though-glad that I could get my hands on these limited edition after all this time. Maybe grab some dip with this one.

Not dusty enough – 5.5/10

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