Mentos – Watermelon

Hey look at this sh1t: Mentos now comes in the best flavour, watermelon!

Seeing as I have reviewed over one hundred thousand watermelon flavoured products on this account so far, it must be obvious by now that I am a fan of watermelon. Another watermelon flavoured foodstuffs is good news in my book, but unfortunately I have run out of amazing watermelon facts to avail your ears with.

Just kidding, I can come up with lots more sh1t to tell you about the world’s greatest fruit.

Or vegetable? 🤔

The watermelon is actually part of the Cucurbitaceae family making it a gourd, same family as pumpkin and cucumber. But that doesn’t mean it is a vegetable, because gourds are fruit. Yeah, I know, but hear me out.

‘Vegetable’ is a term that is broadly used to mean any matter originating from plants that are eaten for nourishment. But that is stupid because that would mean fruits are vegetables. Botanically speaking, fruit is actually anything that has that developed from the ovary of a flowering plant. Yum!

What a waste of time, watermelon is a fruit as we all knew it to be, but so are pumpkins and cucumbers.

Except in Oklahoma.

In 2007, Oklahoma wanted to make watermelon the state fruit, but strawberry was already the state fruit so they put in legislation to make watermelon a vegetable.

Because it was like a cucumber.

Which is also a fruit.

But when the state asserts a fact, the citizens should not argue and if you go to Oklahoma and say watermelon is a fruit you may be fined $13,000 or sentenced to up to 3 years in a maximum security prison. An Oklahoma man, named Joseph Berryman, became a repeat offender for his public watermelon rights activism and disappeared without a trace in 2010. Just kidding there is no Joseph Berryman and you won’t go to jail, no one cares that much.

These pinkish, flesh coloured, Mentos taste very much of watermelon. Not too intense, just a sweet and refreshing watermelon chew after you crush the hard outer shell with your jaw. I like.

Mentos: The Vegemaker – 7/10

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