McDonald’s – Cheesy Range

So here’s a nice idea: fry up a pattie of breaded mozzarella and put it in a burger. Actually, if done right this could be a some good sh1t from McDonaldsNZ .

They call this sh1t the ‘cheesy range’ and it consists of the Mozzarella Chicken Burger, the Mozzarella Beef Burger and some Mozzarella Sticks. I wasn’t sure which of these I wanted to try so I got all of them.

This time the obtaining of these products went without a hitch and I hauled the mighty payload of cheese back to my lair to devour in peace.

Remember that time that them pizza places put cheese into the crust – these reminded me very much of that. Thick, gooey, stretchy cheese that once cooled to one half of a degree less than ‘hot’ coagulates into a rubbery mass of rich oily milk proteins.

Luckily the breaded coating that McDonald’s used was crispy and tasty enough to carry this cheese back into the edible range and in the burgers, the flavour of the chicken and beef bring this back into what I would call tasty. I know that McD’s gets sh1t about it sometimes, but I have to say the beef (at least in NZ – in Australia I found less so) is pretty damn tasty for a mass production fast food joint.

Examining the innards of the burgers I also discovered lettuce, the tiniest hint of ketchup and far too much mayonnaise (or ‘mayo’ as McDonald’s insists on calling it).

So which is better – the beef or the chicken?

Well, eating 2 of these is probably too much, you will end up feeling a bit cheesed out making the second one you try far less desirable than the initial cheese revelry. Make sure to alternate taking a bite out of one then the other, a burger in each hand. Dual wielding gives you multiple attacks.

I normally prefer beef, but I reckon the chicken is slightly better. Maybe by about 3%

If you are only going for the one burger but want to make sure you feel sick with cheese, the mozzarella sticks are fairly decent, just be sure to eat them first as they are infinitely better served hot.

Offhand – Beef – 7/10
Mainhand – Chicken – 7.21/10
Ancillary – Mozzarella Stick – 6/10

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