M&M’s – Coconut – Inspired by Bounty

Cut the Sh1t I don’t want to read all this…

Here is a new one from M&M’s and actually this sounds like a nice idea to me. Coconut is a fairly original. Not just coconut though, these are actually inspired by fellow Mars product the Bounty chocolate bar.

Bounty seems to be a bit of a controversial one – some seem to hate it, as often the last in those variety ‘fun sized’ chocolate bar packs is 2 or 3 Bountys. I don’t understand, really I think that Bounty is at least as good as the other bars it is packaged with.

Shaking a few of these out, I was first impressed with the colours contained in the packet – even though the colours of M&Ms don’t indicate any difference in flavour. I have heard that some find particular colours of M&Ms more sexually appealing than others but I really don’t feel like going down any multisensory flavour perception rabbit holes today. To each their own.


The combination of brown, white and blue was quite striking and not only was a fine tribute to the colouration of the Bounty packaging, it also relates itself to the hues of the brown of a coconut shell, the white of coconut flesh and the blue of, uh, the tropical ocean or some sh1t.

These tasted of coconut and milk chocolate – big surprise… But would like to inform you all that the balance is about perfect – very much like what a Bounty bar tastes like. Weirdly I actually missed the gritty, fibrous texture of d̶e̶c̶i̶m̶a̶t̶e̶d̶ desiccated coconut present in a bounty bar as these had a smooth and creamy chocolate mouthfeel.

Mmmm & mmmm – 7.5/10

Bonus sh1t: The M’s in M&M’s stands for Mars, the last name of the candy’s creator, Forrest Mars. The second M is for Murrie, the last name of Forrest Mars’ business partner, Bruce Murrie.

Cut the sh1t:

What is Coconut m&m’s?

m&m’s coconut has been inspired by the Bounty bar and tastes of milk chocolate and coconut.

What does m&m’s Coconut taste like?

It is just like a Bounty bar except inside the shell of the m&m is milk choclate that seems to be infused with coconut. The texture is also slightly different and has a grittiness that is similar to the white coconut centre of the Bounty bar.

Where can I get Mars Honeycomb with Salted Caramel in New Zealand?

New World Supermarket. Click below:


m&M's Coconut Inspired by Bounty

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