L&P – Sour Lemon

I have been wanting to try this soured L&P sh1t for quite some time now, but I wasn’t able to find me any of the small 600ml bottles. I was reluctant to buy the big ole 1.5’er because, what if it was sh1t? You know me, I would have to drink it all even if I didn’t like it and I recall reviewing some fairly meh L&Ps in the past.

Any of yous seen the 600ml bottles of this sh1t? Surely the smalls must exist somewhere…
Perhaps this is a marketing ploy to ensure customers are forced to buy larger quantities for larger profit.

Eventually, fear of missing out on a limited run, no doubt what L&P is hoping will drive it’s customers into making a purchase, compelled me to invest in a 1.5L bottle, the very same you see pictured above. This had better be good.

I do love L&P, but both the pineapple lumps one and the float one didn’t really impress me, I preferred the stock standard L&P. I have special hope for this sour variant though, because I am a big fan of sour flavours, particularly when combined with fruity flavours and a generous serving of sugar.

I poured a generous serving into a glass and watched humidity from the air condense and bead into tiny droplets of water on the outside of the glass, before slowly growing as large as they could before succumbing to gravity and rolling down the side of the glass in shining rivulets.

Sh1t, it was hot, I hardly even had the energy to bring myself to lift the glass, preferring instead to stare with unfocused eyes at the dance of dew unfolding before me. Eventually the heady aroma of sour lemon drove me to take a sip.

Not bad, tasted like L&P, with just a hint of… -boom, there it is: an amazing, thirst quenching sour aftertaste. It reminded me a bit of lemonade, the old fashion style sh1t, not the fizzy sh1t.
I am very much into this, without a doubt the best L&P I have tried yet. This one works.

Finally doing some-zing right – 7.5/10

2 thoughts on “L&P – Sour Lemon

  1. Exceptional blog site article. I actually like this. Thank you for sharing..

    1. Thank you Stan,
      Exceptional might be a little generous, but Ill take it.
      Glad that you actually like the delicious flavour of L&P Sour Lemon. I liked it too.

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