Lotus – Biscoff Spread

It has been a long time since this was recommended to me, but I had to go right outside of my comfort zone and go to that supermarket that I really hate going to (it is too big and has too many people in it).

They say it is supposed to be cheaper too because they don’t have to pay for packing and bagging your groceries, but nowadays no supermarket does any of that sh1t anymore anyways.

To be totally fair to them, it does seem to be slightly cheaper, until I factor in the the time I have spent lost, walking from one end of this immense building to the next and back again all the while trapped behind 3 groups of people with 4 trolleys whom, although appearing not know each other, seemingly have conspired to walk at the same speed down the aisles abreast of each other stopping frequently at strategic positions to ensure there is no way more efficient shoppers can get past. It is slightly cheaper only depending on what dollar value you put on your time.

I actually made respectable time dodging and weaving through the listless human obstacles and sliding under imposing cages of trolleys, I had to pull off some real Indiana Jones style sh1t to get home in time to review this… Um. What is this supposed to be again?

Research team tells me this is a spread for your toast, made from a caramelised biscuit known as ‘Biscoff’. It seems it goes so well with coffee – it’s name is a merger of the word  ‘biscuit’ with the word ‘coffee’.

This spread is good – so good I am going to have to apologise for not getting to it sooner, I had no idea. I hereby admit I was wrong to scoff at those who were raving about this sh1t. It reminds me very much of the flavour of homemade cinnamon toast only this is twice as easy to prepare. It tastes like caramalised sugar and spiced biscuit which I assume is what biscoff biscuit tastes like. 

It pretty much turns your toast into a desert and it is so good that you shouldn’t be surprised when you find yourself spooning this directly into your mouth during weaker moments.

Don’t scoff at the Biscoff – 7.5/10

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