Lewis Road Creamery – Winter Spice

I am still thirsty so it is time for another drink and as luck would have it Lewis Road Creamery have released a new milk.

Milk is a drink right? I almost feel like it should be classed as a food, because of how densely nutritious it is. All mammals drink milk as a food when they are born and they (mostly) all turn out alright.  But it is a liquid and probably should be classed as a drink. Then again, soup is a liquid and is usually classed as a food.

A quick dictionary look up tells me food is: “ any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc.” 

So milk IS a food. 

And drink is: ”any liquid that is swallowed to quench thirst, for nourishment, etc.”

And Milk IS a drink too. Nice – looks like I can kill two birds with one stone and both eat and drink for this review.

Anyway, I just thought that it was an important distinction as the Bunnings ads on YouTube kept getting their workers to explain to me what Matariki means to them and all of them just eat food on the beach, whilst reflecting on the year with family. I want to do it right this year as the government of New Zealand has now officially recognised Matariki by making it a public holiday.

Lewis  Road Creamery also wants to officially recognise Matariki and has released this delicious sounding Winter Spice milk. Seriously as soon as I saw this I was keen. I really loved the gingerbread one they did many moons ago and this one has ginger in it too, as well as horopito which is an ancient flowering plant, native to NZ and has a spicy, peppery flavour. I have tried and loved horopito once before in a horopito aioli sauce atop a pizza. Bonus points to anyone who remembers what pizza that was…

The ginger was instantly warming and tingly on the tongue and the horopito was actually really spicy, nice and hot. An amazing bit of sharpness against the smooth and sweet milk. I liked this better than my previous flavour, the gingerbread. In fact, looking back on that review, I literally said: “My only (minor) criticism was that the level of sweet was too high and the level of spicy too low.” That has been fully corrected with this release. 

Have a fine Matariki, all.

WIN-ter spiced – 9.6/10

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