Lewis Road Creamery – Mint Chocolate Milk

Do you like mint? What about Chocolate? What about milk? What about sh1tty reviews written for Instagram?

Well, boy oh boy, have I got some good news for yous…

Lewis Road Creamery brought this out for Valentines day, last month and as luck would have it, February 19th is National Mint Day in the US. I don’t think that there is an Inter-national Mint day yet, and I don’t see why Feb 19 wouldn’t work for the rest of the world too. Imagine how much fun it would be joining in on all of those fun activities that the Americans get up to every year on their National Mint day. We could all have those amazing Mint day parades and green fireworks and even Minty, the Bear!! No more would the rest of the global community have to look on with jealousy while the US has all the fun.

I kind of overlooked this until now, for mainly 2 reasons.

Although I do respect it very much, mint isn’t really a favourite flavour of mine -and more importantly I just couldn’t find any. The good folk normally responsible for delivering all the milk and those folk who make sure the shelves full of fine sh1t to eat seem to be scarce these days. Perhaps they are away on Mint Day celebrations…

No, seriously though I extend my appreciation and thanks to anyone out there having a hard time getting sh1t done currently and I will excuse my increasing difficulty in finding specific products as a relatively minor inconvenience.

The ingredient list is basically Whittaker’s dark chocolate and mint essence in some Lewis Road Creamery Milk, and actually it tasted exactly like an after dinner mint. It was so nice it made me remember how much I loved after dinner mints. Actually I am not sure if I did love after dinner mint, before I drank this, I may have hated them, but that is just how good this is: the memory of after dinner mints has now been firmly established in my mind as a positive experience. I wouldn’t have expected it, but this has shot up to amongst the best of the Lewis Road Creamery flavoured milks in my books.

Deserves a parade – 8 /10

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