Lewis Road Creamery – Hokey Pokey

I finally managed to go out and get my shopping done. Seems like things have calmed down a bit and there is sh1t on the supermarket shelves again. It has been a few weeks and I got carried away and picked up such awesome sh1t to eat.

It has been several weeks since I last replenished and it took all of my mental fortitude and willpower not to tear into the newly acquired bag of sh1t and ravenously devour all of its contents as soon as I got home, and after my mental fortitude and willpower was all gone, I still had to sit in the house, bored – with all of this sh1t staring at me – calling to me with it’s whispering siren song…

Eventually there was no other course of action available to me – I was forced to lock the door to the sh1tstash and quickly before I changed my mind, I swallowed the key with a resolute gulp. I should have the key in my possession in time for the next post, but for now, the option to eat everything was gone and I could get on with my life.

There was one item that needed refrigeration and couldn’t go with all that other sh1t ( I should really get a refrigerated sh1tstash one of these good days) – this new flavoured milk from one of my favourite producers, lewisroadcreamery

Ah Hokey Pokey, the favourite treat with a stupid name. We have definitely talked about hokey pokey in other posts before, but to refresh everyone’s memory:

▪️Also known as honeycomb toffee or cinder toffee

▪️Made from sugar and baking soda

▪️Tastes like burnt sugar (toffee)

▪️A stupid name

I have been a fan of almost all of Lewis Road Creamery’s flavours, but this one just didn’t really taste of hokey pokey to me. It was exceptionally nice milk, smooth and creamy and cold thanks to the refrigeration and it was perfectly sweet, getting dangerously close to the ‘too sweet’ barrier though, not crossing it. Either my palette has been changed from eating all of this sh1t over the years or companies are getting better at balancing the sweet. Not at all bad, but pretty average this time.

A bunch of hokey – 5.5/10

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