Lewis Road Creamery – Coconut & Gisborne Lime

Weather has been hotting up recently, is it summer? Not yet? December is summer. Right.

…And just as the oppressive heat and humidity was starting to make my belly ache lewisroadcreamery contacted me and sent me a package containing all I needed to make a delicious cone full of their their new ice cream flavour: Coconut & Gisborne Lime.

Coconut and lime? Actually, wasn’t there a song about this?

Yup. ‘Coconut’ was a song released 1971 by American artist Harry Nilsson about a girl who put lime in a coconut and drank it and it gave her a belly ache, so she called the doctor who recommended a treatment, which apparently is a Jamaican home remedy for bellyache – Lime and coconut.

Turns out she had gotten the belly ache not from the lime or the coconut or the combination of both, she had gotten the belly ache from the rum that she had mixed liberally into the lime and coconut.

The doctor tries to explain that she should try lime and coconut without rum to ease the belly problems, but she didn’t understand that you could actually have lime and coconut without rum. Hilarity ensues for like 8 verses of the same repetitive sh1t.

It is a silly song, but folk seem to like it. It has been covered by Dannii Minogue, the Baha Men, Ty Segall and one of my favourite artists, Kermit the Frog (with special guest, some bloke named Kenny Rogers).

We know that the limes in this have been specifically grown in Gisborne, which makes sense because Gisborne can grow any kind of fruit-in abundance. But can they grow coconut? Because they are tropical and as such not native to temperate climes. Perhaps the coconuts migrated here or were flown here by a swallow.

This was deliciously creamy and had a wonderful texture. The lime was fragrant and refreshing and blended together with the coconut in a perfectly balanced ratio. There were even little tiny bits of ̶d̶e̶c̶i̶m̶a̶t̶e̶d̶ desiccated coconut in there to chew on after you had finished a mouthful.

Quit your belly aching – 8/10

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