Lewis Road Creamery – Chocolate Orange

Before even trying it, I am going to predict that this is going to be a fine product. I have tried enough of these Lewis Road milk flavours to know exactly what to expect. To be honest their track record is so good that, if Lewis Road Creamery could put out a ‘sh1t with sugar’ flavour I would still want to try it.

But now they are putting out one of my favourite flavours, orange chocolate. And again they are using Whittaker’s chocolate so the chances of it being good has shot up. 

Hang on, I just realized Whittaker’s released a orange infused chocolate not so long ago – I will do a review of that soon- Is this why it is limited addition? Because Lewis Road Creamery bought all them up to make this milk with?

The finest chocolate in the finest milk with the finest orange – okay not sure about that last one, but according to the ingredient list, it is actually natural orange flavour, so I guess that is about as good as we can get. Add to that, liquid is actually my favourite form of treat delivery medium…

Screwing off the lid and emptying the contents of this bottle down my throat, I was happy to note that my prediction on this drink were completely accurate. The milk was what Lewis Road Creamery have become famous for – surely you have tried their milk and/or flavoured milks before and know how good it is. Chocolate was rich and delicious as Whittaker’s have become famous for. And the orange was perfect, just enough citrus to perfectly balance with the chocolate. Sweet, but some how not overly so, I could easily down this 300mL without feeling sickly. I reckon I could’ve downed a litre and still wanted more.

Full praise to a job well done by Lewis Road Creamery for not only this latest masterpiece, but also the many, many fine flavoured milks in the past. I am picking this one as my favourite so far. Well maybe a tie with that Gingerbread one… No! Wait the winter spice one! What yous think? What has been the best Lewis Road Milk you have had so far?

This one deserves a round of applause for sure…👏 👏 👏


Orange you glad Lewis Road Creamery made this one? – 9.5/10

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