KFC – Waffle Double Down

Ah, the double down is back, but wait what is this sh1t? The waffle double down?

Okay, so just to make sure we are on the same page here, we all know what a double down is? We know that it is two pieces of chicken from KFC with sh1t placed in the middle? Right, well this time

have lost their Kentucky Fried minds and thrown a Belgian waffle and some bacon in there.

If that isn’t strange enough they have also developed a sauce that I have never heard of before, Maple Mayo. Doing a quick google search I discovered that MAYO is an acronym for the
Mexican-American Youth Organization, a civil rights movement started in 1967 to advance the rights of Mexican-Americans.

They were largely successful helping Méxicanos in San Antonio rise out of impoverishment. One of the founding members, William “Willie” Velasquez was even given the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1995 by President Bill Clinton for his work with voter registration.

Wait… I am being informed by my research team that in this instance, Mayo is just the shortened version of ‘mayonnaise’. Ah! That makes much more sense. So unlike me to waffle on about a completely unrelated topic.

Which brings us back to waffle, which you might not think goes with chicken, but those of you who have had the pleasure of eating chicken and waffles know what’s up.

The waffle was a decent quality waffle and went spectacularly well with KFC’s famous chicken. Bacon was decent too, but the real star of the sh1t was this maple mayo sauce. It seemed to be a maple syrup (or maple ‘flavoured’ syrup) mixed up with mayonnaise and it was pretty damned good. Sweet and rich with maple flavour, contrasted with the saltiness of the ‘mayo’ in the most pleasing way.

Definitely worth trying.

Nothing to do with Mexicans – 8/10

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