KFC – Gravy Burger


I have had hamburgers and I have had chicken burgers. I have even had a lamb burger once. but have I ever had a gravy burger? Not yet.

I am unclear on how a gravy burger is supposed to work actually – a hamburger is usually a beef patty between two pieces of bread so how is this going to work? When you put gravy in the fridge it kind of goes all congealed and solid like, but when warmed by the hot little hands gripping the burger isn’t it going to re-liquify and seep out the bread everywhere? Or I guess they could go closer than that and freeze the gravy into the shape of a disc like a patty, but that would be more of a summer treat (mmm… gravysicles anyone) and it has been cold as sh1t out there recently. 

I’m not going outside into that sh1t today, so I used the modern convenience that almost all fast food joints offer now days and ordered a KFC gravy burger delivery online. From my place on my couch/throne, I waved my hand languidly towards the cages where the research team is kept during the winter months, a signal to spring into action. Moments later the information I desired became available.

It turns out a gravy burger is actually a KFC chicken fillet burger in either zinger or original, with cheese and a specially designed hash brown that has a hole in it to pour your little potle of gravy into. What marvels will they think of next!

My delivery arrived promptly and piping hot and I tore into the paper bag before me with gusto and started laying out my selections before me. I was surprised to find that there wasn’t a separate pot of gravy for me to pour into my hash brown hole. I looked again to the research team and shook my fist, indicating that I needed an explanation. 

I was given the information found on KFCs website and clearly there was supposed to be some gravy. Luckily I had bought 2 gravy burgers one to eat and one to experiment on, but there was no potle of gravy for that one included either.

I resorted to dipping my burger into some potato and gravy and tried to imagine what it would have been like. This burger was ok, the gravynaise was included and helped lubricate the burger, but I can’t really tell you what the gravy burger is supposed to be like, only what this one was like. The answer is average – and disappointing.

Disembark the gravy train – 2/10

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