Karam Gurme – Bitter çikolatalı Kremalı Gofret

What number we up to now? 5 I think – so this is the 5th most voted for item in the treat box from @turkishtreatbox and the best translation I can come up with is:

Karam – unclear, might just be a brand name, or possibly caramel? 🤔
Gurme – gourmet
Bitter – bitter 🙄
Çikolatalı – chocolate
Kremalı – cream
Gofret – wafer

One of the fun things about reviewing all of this fine Turkish sh1t is learning all of these very useful Turkish words. Now I should be able to acquire a tiny bitter watermelon with ease if I ever get lost in Turkey.

Remember that time that you snuck downstairs in the middle of the night when you were a child, to unlock the mysteries of your mother’s pantry? You just knew she was hiding some delicious sh1t from you in there. Remember that feeling of vindication when you found the cooking chocolate and held it victoriously in your stupid little hands? Remember how shook’d you became (happy birthday @fish_eat_repeat 👋) when you took’d a bite? The joy turning to revulsion, then anger and finally acceptance as you realized, you weren’t supposed to be doing this and it was all your own fault? Oh how bitter your victory had become.

That is what comes to mind when I hear the words, bitter chocolate. The years go by, but the wound remains fresh.

I hoped that isn’t what bitter meant in this case as I unwrapped this chocolate treat and took a big bite. Paydirt! This was the good sh1t. Gourmet indeed. It tasted of the darkest chocolate, sweet and rich. The texture was in stark contrast thick rich chocolate as the wafer filling was light and
airy. I don’t believe I have tried this combination of rich and light before and it was absolutely spot on. This has been my favourite thing out of the treat box so far.

Be still, my bitter heart – 8.5/10

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