Just Dough

Check this sh1t out! Last week the very generous @justdoughshop sent me a few packets of cookies to try and I do love me some cookies.

I eagerly open the box and… hey, what the sh1t? These aren’t cooked or baked or whatever!! Very brave of you, @justdoughshop , my strengths lie in the eating. I am still scraping sh1t from the ceiling from the last time I tried to cook, or bake, whatever.

Well alright… There are clear instruction on the back of the pack, so let’s see how I go…

These come in bags filled with little balls of dough with the intention of keeping them in the freezer until your Aunty Euphemia pops by out of the blue with her new ‘friend’ Ron. You can cook up, or bake up, a small batch of cookies in 10 minutes or so, freeing you up to watch the latest one world government pandemic weather control videos on YouTube with Ron whilst eating actual freshly baked, or cooked, cookies.

This is especially useful around this time of year when random family visitation events rise steeply. Plus, the bags have a zip seal installed meaning you don’t have to cook, or bake, them all at once and waste all your favourites on family that you don’t like. The dough is also safe to eat raw late at night when unwanted visitor invasions have finally ceased.

The most amazing thing I found about this product is that I didn’t stuff it up. I guessed the spacing on the baking paper perfectly for spread in the oven and 10 minutes later I had a perfect bunch of cookies, left to cool for 5 minutes, they went fashionably crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. I might try this cooking, or baking, sh1t again sometime. This is easy!

As you can see from the amazing picture I took I got 3 flavours: The Mintest Christmas Ever, which was mint as, Gingerbread, excellent subtle, sweet ginger and the hectic The Celebration Cookie, I was overwhelmed by how much chocolate sprinkles and sh1t was packed up in here.

And yes, of course I tried some raw straight out of the freezer and found it to be an equally treatful experience.

Ho, Ho, Dough – 8/10

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