Irvines – The Beast – Cheeseburger

You know what I have never reviewed on this page before? A meat pie! I am actually feeling a little embarrassed, how can I possibly review New Zealand food without having ever touched upon the meat pie? I am pretty sure this is why I don’t have more followers and why Instagram hasn’t ranked me higher and verified my account. It is very obviously because the algorithms have picked up on something fishy in a food account from New Zealand without meat pies on it. Well let us correct that today and surely I will be growing to 10k followers in no time at all.

Enter ‘The Beast’ Cheeseburger from Irvines, who don’t have an Instagram account. Come on Irvines, I can’t tag you in and glean some of that sweet, sweet follower potential if you don’t put your products up on Instagram. I get all of my news from Instagram and perhaps this is why I haven’t done a meat pie before. Thank the gods for ethynn.k and mr_wiffen who gave me a heads up on this one.

We all know sh1teater loves hamburgers, but here is another piece for your scrapbook: sh1teater also is partial to a meat pie.

This came out of the oven hot, with a perfectly crispy pastry and although I was slightly disappointed that they hadn’t chucked an entire hamburger patty inside, the meat was in a vaguely patty shape, just sloppy, which I think works much better in a pie. I could see bits of onion and what I assume to be gherkin suspended in the gelatinous filling. I forewent the dollop of tomato sauce on the top as I could see there was a bit of sauce in there already. Oh, and a big ole slice of processed cheese under the crust.

I like how anything labelled cheeseburger flavour has gone towards the flavour of the most famous cheeseburger of them all. You know the one, that clown from the fast food place makes it. And this sh1t was no exception, it tasted like a pie had made the beast with two backs with a cheeseburger and this was their unholy offspring. I could taste the onion, gherkin and mustard very prominently and now I carry the mark of the beast.

7 heads / 10 horns – 7/10

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