Hell Pizza – The Reuben Pizza.

As I was waiting, crouched in my hunting stance, ready to pounce on the first new and interesting fast foodstuffs to hit the market after we moved to covid-19 alert level 2, it seemed @hellpizza had a little something all lined up and ready to be released into the wild.

I have absolutely no idea who Reuben is or why he created this pizza, but the list of toppings was full of shit that I love: swiss cheese, pastrami, sauerkraut, them amazing pickles what @mcclurespickles makes and russian dressing.

As it turns out these ingredients are almost exactly the same as the ingredients used in a thing called a Reuban sandwich, uncannily similar really… Wait a minute… Reuben pizza? Reuben sandwich? I think I see what’s going on here… 🤔
Almost as soon as this new offering from Hell was released and sprang forth from its birthplace, I too, leapt into action snaring the pizza in my ready mandibles. Sad really, it didn’t stand a chance against a boundless hunger, honed and focused for weeks of lockdown and shitty homemade food.
Once the thrashing had stopped and the pizza was subdued, I stood back to look at my prize. This was a damn fine looking pizza and it smelt even better. Pushing an entire slice into my face, I am happy to report that this shit was amazing.

Ample beef brisket pastrami and suitable aromatic swiss cheese matched perfectly together as one would expect, punctuated with sour, acidic sauerkraut and pickles and all tied up in a ribbon of spiralling russian dressing. I am getting poetic with this shit, that’s how good it was. The level of toppings was perfect allowing me to taste each ingredient separately before it blended together into an immaculate Reubenic amalgamation.
Alright that’s it, I have run out of big words to use, if you are into the idea of a savory sour sandwich flavoured pizza, this one is um… good.

Deli – cious – 9/10

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