Hell Pizza – Smokey Brisket

Speaking of cravings… If you sit down and really think about it honestly – it doesn’t make sense anymore. Why continue going through social condemnation? The smelly clothes? Stains on your fingers? Your family and friends are worried about you. Not to mention how much it is costing you over the years.

Yes folks it is getting harder and harder to justify eating an entire pizza to yourself, but hellpizza has created something to keep us from quitting the habit just yet.

Enter the Smokey Brisket Pizza which Hell is marketing with the tag line: “A habit worth keeping”. See, because it was made with: smoked brisket, smoked cheddar cheese, smokey BBQ base – and all that fits a smoking theme, see? And smoking cigarettes is a habit and the delicious dollop of nicotine jus will ensure you will keep coming back for more…

No, seriously – this product does NOT contain nicotine, but you can add to the above list battered onion rings and roasted red peppers – perhaps almost as addictive.

When I first saw ‘habit’ on the front page of the website and before I read through a little, I thought it was referring to a nun’s religious garb, but no such luck. I was really looking forward to seeing how Hell Pizza would get away with poking fun at nuns…

No mind though, this was a truly amazing pizza, right up there with the best of Hell pizza’s. I don’t know what type of flavour demons they continue to invoke, but it keeps working. Pretty sure no one over there has a soul anymore.

The brisket was firm, chewy and deliciously smoked, of course blending marvelously with BBQ sauce. I could taste the difference in the red peppers, sweetened in the roasting. Onion rings littering the surface of the pizza made this into a substantial feed. And the cheese… Oh that cheese. Rich, tasty, smokey cheese.

Just going to close my eyes now and reminisce…

Smoke em if you got em – 8.5 / 10

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