Hell Pizza – Silencer of the Lambs

There’s a feud a’brewin between 2 of my favourite fast food brands. Remember the history lesson on the great takeaway wars we talked about not so long ago? Well the skirmishes have really begun to heat up over here and two of the greats have stepped up to do battle. Trying to settle the score with the smallest number of civilian casualties and agreeing to fight on fair terms, @hellpizza and @burgerfuel have entered the fabled ‘eat fighter’ competition with 2 new Oamaru lamb based competitors.

In the red corner representing the side of Pizza is Hell’s champion for this match, “The Silencer of the Lambs”. Very little is known about this competitor as Hell has kept very quiet training their fighter in secluded locations. I have heard rumors, however, that few stand against the Silencer for more than a few moments and that once the Silencer has found your jaw all you can do is chew uncontrollably, unable to speak.

In a recent press conference, Hell admitted that this dark and alluring pizza will be using the following strategy in the ring: “slow-cooked Oamaru lamb on a kawakawa harissa base, with spinach, red onion, tomatoes, and feta, finished with mint & horopito aioli.”

Look at this sh1t. This is pizza in peak condition.

The Silencer tasted predominantly of lamb, hardly surprising when you see the large chunks of tender juicy lamb littered all over the face of this pizza. Every other ingredient was in devoted service to the lamb. The spinach, red onion and tomatoes brought out the flavours and made this pizza into a savory and hearty masterpiece. The feta was an excellent little burst of saltiness accentuating the lamb further. I don’t even have to say how well mint and horopito aioli went with the rest of these flavours.

This is an amazing pizza, possibly the best I have ever tried from Hell. Definitely no punches being pulled on this sh1t. Hell has come out swinging.

This is a very special occasion for me and I will not be rating this sh1t until next time, as in part 2 we check out the competitor from BurgerFuel and tally up the scores to see who comes out on top.

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