Hell Pizza – Limbo

The Limbo is a traditional dancing game that originated on the island of Trinidad where it was a popular event at wakes. In the 1950’s it became popularised by a Trinidadian dancer and choreographer named Julie Edwards who later became known as the “Queen of Limbo”.

As the dance became more widespread it was discovered that the Limbo was a very effective exercise for conditioning of the lower legs. Limbo also proved effective in alleviating and preventing a condition (mostly presenting in the lower legs) called varicose veins in which veins become enlarged and twisted often turning blue in color.

So when hellpizza wanted to create a delicious pizza featuring blue vein cheese the obvious name was ‘Limbo’ because of the association with the blue veins seen in the lower legs of those suffering from varicose veins..

Ok, ok, whoa -hold up for a sec-

…the first paragraph was all true, but then my imagination escaped (again) and sprinted off down the hill from where the facts were. Damn, I almost was believing that sh1t myself.

Back to the facts:

Limbo in the Catholic faith is a state in the afterlife, in which one has died in the original sin, but have not been condemned to hell. A virtuous person who died without being baptised is a good example of the type of person who would go to Limbo instead of heaven.

I am guessing Limbo is probably just a name that worked because of the whole Quasi- theological naming theme that has long been a thing at Hell Pizza.

Hell Pizza has thrown a whole block of Mainland’s Special Reserve Blue Vein Cheese over some tomatos, mushrooms and caramelised onion. You can add Kalamata olives, but of course you are going to put olives on it. You ordered a blue cheese pizza – olives aren’t going to intimidate you.

This was a deliciously rich pizza, well done again, Hell Pizza. Everything paired really well, but maybe there could be a stronger blue cheese flavour. I found real sharp ‘bite’ in only a few bites. One tends to either likes blue cheese or not, no point diluting it for the masses.

Baptism by blue cheese – 7.5/10

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