Hell Pizza – Burger Pizza

Hell Pizzas Burger Pizza

It has been so long since the beginning of the great takeaway wars that we oft forget that still the battle rages on behind the facade of our peaceful existence.

The pizza and the hamburger had existed together peacefully throughout Europe, but as European settlers moved into the ‘new world’ and cultures collided, the two most powerful foods in the known world squared off to do battle. As the values of free market capitalism made it’s way into North America, it was clear that only one of these foods could dominate the market and come out on top as the best food.

But here we are, approximately 100 years later still locked in stalemate. Although popularity has shifted the balance one way or the other during the period, there has been no clear victor and each individual has their own opinions on whether pizza or hamburgers are the best.

@hellpizza has pulled out an olive leaf and extended the hand of friendship asking the one question that should have been asked all those years ago by putting burger ingredients on their pizza:

“Can the two exist in harmony?”

This sh1t is smoked cheddar, honey mustard, red onion rings and gherkins as well as bunch of torn up burger patties thrown on a pizza base, but this time Hells is being upfront about the patties and giving a choice of either beef or the vegetarian ‘beyond meat’ (yeah the very same that caused so much controversy last year) as well as a new plant based ‘meatless farm’ patty.

I went with the beef which tasted very much like grilled hamburger patties, the gerkins and onions added to the burger experience. It was as delicious as I would’ve expected from a Hell Pizza, but just didn’t have the ‘bang’ of the last few exciting flavours I have tried. If the Dark Master of pizza would listen to a humble suggestion from a lowly sh1teater, I would say that the honey mustard should be replaced with something with more ‘zing’ such as an American mustard to really drive home the burger.

There is likely too much animosity between the two warring sides for the battle to end yet, but at least it is a start and a hope for peace.

War without end – 7/10

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