Heartland Potato chips – Thickest of the Thick – Cheeseburger

Wow cheeseburger flavour has really taken off and I for one support this new trend in flavour, but with the exception of that cheeseburger sh1t from Snax Crunches, I have found burger flavouring to be too subtle to really scratch my cheeseburger itch.

Already I am nervous. This is no normal chip, it is the ‘thickest of the thick’ meaning the flavour is going to have to be even more over the top to avoid being diluted by all that extra cross-sectional potato chip area.

I don’t know about this thick cut sh1t. I know it is all the rage with the young ‘uns these days, running about with their : ‘thicc this’ and ‘thicc that’ and ‘she was pleasingly thicc’. Unless specifically trying to load an unreasonable amount of dip on that phat chip, I have always leant towards a thinner cut. Always find that I get best flavour to chip ratio that way, and chips are sold by weight not volume so you aren’t really losing any chips in a numerical sense, in fact you should get more thinner chips for your buck than thick.

For once, unfortunately my predictions were spot on and Heartland’s offering to the cheeseburger trend was a little lackluster. The quality of the chips were great, everyone one of them perfectly formed, golden and so thick. Really thick. After lifting several from the bag to my mouth, my arm got tired and my biceps were looking thicc af. – Sorry, I am undoubtedly using that wrong…

But the flavour was again subtle, I could taste that I would like the flavour, but I wanted more of it, like a whole lot more. The big selling point with these is the thickness, you could probably hit an intruder over the head with one and it wouldn’t break, so I feel these should be served with dip to bump up that flavour. I would go with a ketchup/mustard/relish dip, if there is such a thing. If not, there should be.

Thicc as a bricc – 6/10

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