Heartland – Potato and Gravy Chips

heartlandchips has some interesting sounding sh1t out on the shelves of nearby provisioners.

I don’t believe I have ever seen Potato and Gravy flavoured potato chips before so full credits for putting out something new and different, but I am a little confused about this…

I can totally understand the gravy flavour, who doesn’t like gravy? but I am a little unsure as to how the potato part is supposed to work. Potato chips already taste like potatoes, right? Are these going to taste even more like potatoes? Don’t get me wrong, I like the taste of potatoes, but they do tend to be kind of bland and subtle. I usually put gravy on my potatoes to make them tastier rather than reaching for more potatoes to add that real hearty potato taste to my potatoes.

You ever write a word out so many times that it doesn’t look like the correct spelling any more? I am currently having that vibe from the word ‘potato’…

The packet opened with a crisp and familiar rustling sound as thousands of potato eating experiences triggered the expected normal physiological responses. I closed my eyes and inhaled from the bag deeply as my digestive processes became primed for the joys of this latest potato celebration.

The aroma was rich and pungent and matched what I had filed in my smell catalog under the heading ‘gravy’. The flavour, again, matched an entry under: ‘gravy’. I reckon the gravy flavour was a generic beef sort of a flavour, but I could find no meat on the ingredient list, so it is probably some sort of yeast sh1t that tastes like meat. No idea if this product is suitable for vegans though as yeast is often grown from milk derivatives.

These are kettle cooked chips and texture is suitably crisp and satisfying. Tastes like gravy to me and had adequate amounts of the rich and salty flavouring on each chip. Couldn’t really identify any extra potato flavouring, tasted just like a high quality potato chip to me.

I like this flavour.

PO-TAT-TOES – 7.5/10

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