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Heartland – Gin, Lemon and Thyme Chips

Speaking of not being able to get the flavour I want…

I really wanted to try the margarita flavoured chips so that I could make some hilarious commentary comparing them with the margherita pizza flavoured chips that I tried a few weeks ago. It would have been so great too, I could’ve had all of these comedic mistakes where I kept confusing margarita with margherita – we would’ve all fallen all over the place laughing until tears ran down our faces, probably would’ve been the best post I ever made.

Instead of going viral and achieving 10k followers overnight though, I have decided to review these gin ones before this range of chips sells out or gets banned for promoting alcohol unlawfully or some sh1t.

Any of you tried any of these? heartlandchips make a Margarita Salsa, Bourbon BBQ and this one: Gin, Lemon and ̶l̶i̶m̶e̶ Thyme. Thyme? Okay is that a thing now? I definitely have had thyme with potatoes before, but never in my gin. Yes, ok, I am hearing now that it is indeed a thing – I need to get out more – alright, a sprig of thyme with my next gin then.

This tasted mostly of lemon at first, and I could taste the thyme in there as well, but to be honest I didn’t really get a sense of gin until after I settled into the ole’ two handed chip shovelling technique that I have become famous for. Definitely an aftertaste in there that reminds me of alcohol, not bad, quite pleasant really. Well…not as pleasant as actual gin, but yeah it is there.

There was the equivalent of 21.6 standard drinks in this bag of chips so I was feeling quite unsteady on my feet after finishing the whole bag and needed a long nap. Just kidding, despite the name this is not an alcohol product.

I did take a long nap though.

Not bad – tasty, light tasting and zingy – not going to become my favourite chip, but will give an extra point for being quite a different flavour that works quite well in my opinion.

Sippin’ on gin and thyme – 7/10

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