Harvest Snaps – Dill Pickle

I have had this one on my camera roll for quite some time now and as I am not really getting down to the supermarket as much as I used to, it occurs to me that some of you may not have tried this sh1t yet.

I truly feel like this is one that needs to be reviewed so that everyone is aware of it, because it is one of the more creative ideas that I have seen recently trying to break into the snack market: “What kind of food stuff could possibly compete with thinly sliced fried potatoes?” Why, baked black beans of course!!

It turns out there are actually several varieties of beans called ‘black bean’. The black gram is also known as a black bean even though it is a black lentil and there is the Korean ‘black adzuki bean’ and of course the favourite black soybean used in in asian black bean sauces, dòuchǐ. There is even a Kenyan black bean.

Looking at information I could find on this product though, I believe this is the ‘black turtle bean’ from Latin and South America. You also may have seen the black turtle bean in a black bean burrito or in your ‘frijoles negros’ which is literally spanish for ‘black bean’

The texture was light, airy and crunchy and broke down into a more dense, satisfying meal-like matter in the mouth whilst chewing. The black bean flavour was pretty decent, still light, kind of nutty, and reminded me a little of a whole wheat or seeded flavour. The dill pickle seasoning could’ve been more intense though, I get that maybe this is supposed to be a healthier choice and have less sodium than the competition, but it wasn’t obvious enough in flavour and to fully enjoy. I had to close my eyes and concentrate really hard, imagining a shining, warty green pickle in my mind’s eye to get the most out it.

Decent snack, especially if one is looking for a healthier choice that doesn’t taste like sh1t. Extra point for creativity. Imagine making a snack food out of black beans…

Whoa, black beans – bam-ba-lam – 6.5/10

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