Hall’s Throaties

Having a cold is never good, but having a cold nearing summer when the sun is beaming and warm seems particularly cruel. I didn’t even get to post my intended review last week. A tickle in the throat and a hacking cough means that I turn to my good friend and associate Halls Original Throaties.

These are basically a cough drop or lozenge with intense flavours of eucalyptus and menthol, but this shit should be remembered for the strong aniseed flavour. It can be bought from the pharmacy (I think) but mostly I get them from a dairy or service station without a note from my doctor. I conclude that this shit as only part medicine and mostly lolly, so I don’t want none of you accusing me of being a shill for big pharma. Right?

Menthol and eucalyptus have been known to help clear the airways and assist with breathing, but without a peer reviewed study and my small sample size of one, my ruling on it’s effectiveness is limited to anecdotal claims. The real benefit of this product, and this is repeatable and easily observable, I will stake my reputation on this, is the way the sugars in the drop sem to coat the inside of your throat. You will still cough, although I seem to do it less, but the dry ‘tickling’ feeling is gone and you can talk to people up close again without hacking in their face.

I am not sure if one should be suppressing a cough as coughing surely performs an important function, otherwise our coughing ancestors would have been bred out long ago, but when your abdominal muscles are strung out like ropes or you are on the verge of a hernia, a bit of relief might be a good idea. I personally look forward to getting sick so I can eat these delicious treats. Forget the other flavours, original is the best by far. You folk like this shit too?

Disclaimer: Sh1teater is not a medical professional and none of the above or previous reviews should be considered medical advice. Ever.

1337 h4x0r – 7.5/10

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