Griffin’s Toffee Pops – Hawke’s Bay Apple Crumble

riffin's Toffee Pops - Hawke's Bay Apple Crumble

Now straight off the bat I had to clarify something for myself, I know Hawkes bay is famous in NZ for growing all sorts of sh1t including apples, but is this flavour Hawke’s Bay apples made into a crumble or a special regional variety of apple crumble that originates from Hawke’s Bay?

An apple crumble is, of course, a dessert made from chopped up apples cooked and then topped with a ‘crumble’ made from ingredients such as flour, oats and brown sugar and cooked again -or baked – I think I mean- baked again to crisp up and slightly brown the crumble. It should be dry as all hell so that one has to rely on the half stewed apples below (and perhaps a dollop of cream, custard or ice cream) as a lubricant to get it down. At least that is how they make them in the Hawke’s Bay. No, seriously now, I could not find any specific recipe native to Hawke’s Bay of making an apple crumble. So I am going to guess that this is supposed to taste like apples from the Hawke’s Bay that have been made into a crumble.

Not that it matters, I could believe that the smart heads at Griffin’s could make a Toffee Pop that tastes like a bit like an apple crumble, but I fear that making a Toffee Pop that tastes like an apple crumble, made in the exacting style of the specific food culture of the Hawke’s Bay regional apple crumble bakers, is a little beyond even their abilities.

Either way this was delicious – like, no sh1t probably the best Toffee Pop flavour ever. It tasted of sweet apple with a hint of cinnamon and some lesser known apple dessert spices and perhaps I am being overly generous here, but I fancy that I could even taste some crumble. Not sure if I could taste Hawke’s Bay though, not that I would know what Hawke’s Bay tastes like. Bees probably.

If I had to critique, I would say this was a little on the sweet side for my tastes, but it is a Toffee Pop, all Toffee Pops are a little on the sweet side for my tastes. I rarely eat more than 1 or 2 at a time but in this case I will happily eat 1 or 2 packets in one sitting.

Toff of the Pops – 7.5/10

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