Griffins -Squiggles – Jelly & Ice Cream

I think this is my first time reviewing a Squiggles. Squiggles are basically a chocolate coated biscuit with some sort of coloured icing sh1t squirted over it in a ‘squiggle’ pattern like mustard over a hot dog. 

I believe there have been several different flavour variations over the years. This new one is Jelly and Ice Cream.

Is ice cream actually a flavour though?

Ice cream HAS flavours: Like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. Those are all flavours. I am not sure Ice Cream is actually a flavour in itself – what would it taste like? Frozen sweetened milk? Frozen doesn’t really add to the flavour, more of a sensory experience.

I guess if I was asked what ice cream tasted like, I would probably think of vanilla, but although all vanilla ice cream is ice cream, not all ice cream is vanilla ice cream. I would probably have called my Squiggles flavour ‘Jelly & Sweetened Milk’, Which I’ll admit doesn’t sound bad, but doesn’t really sound as exciting as what Griffins went with.

Actually, jelly is the same isn’t it? There is flavoured jellies for sure, strawberry, grape, raspberry… but jelly is usually made from refining some plant matter to get the pectin out. Pectin is a structural acidic heteropolysaccharide that I have no idea what it tastes like by itself. Its main component is galacturonic acid, a sugar acid derived from galactose so perhaps it tastes a little sweet. Any dessert bakers out there that can rush to their pantry and let me know what pectin tastes like?

Again I wouldn’t think ‘Pectin & Sweet Milk’ is a very exciting sounding flavour either.

Of course jelly can also be made with gelatin, but what does gelatin taste like without added flavour? Horse hooves? 

Hooves & Sweetened Milk.

These tasted mostly of sweet. Maybe a touch of vanilla in there and the jelly centre was the usual generic red flavour – sweet synthetic strawberry, I am guessing. These were alright. Very sweet and didn’t really do anything particularly unique. I didn’t love them, but didn’t hate them either.

Squiggles – Red & Sweet flavour – 5.5/10 

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