Good Sh*t – Cola

Welcome back everybody, good to see all of you again. This year I thought I would start off with some good sh1t – actually in fact literally, some good sh*t.

I can’t imagine why this sh1t has flown under my radar for so long, it seems like this sh1t has been made for me and when I first saw it there under the buzzing artificial lights of a drinks fridge  I was drawn to it like a fly to sh1t. I knew I had to try it.

It can be difficult writing articles about food products that people have put their heart and soul into and calling it ‘sh1t’. I do try to impress in my writings that I mean ‘sh1t’ in the most respectful way and the term ‘good sh1t’ has been used in my reviews at least 1 million times. However, it can still come across a little flippant when referring to a stunning creation manifest by an artisan gateau crafter who learned their trade over 17 years of study in the french alps with the guidance of the revered bakemaster general and then saying something like: “hey this sh1t is pretty good”.

It would seem that Good Sh*t gets it.

They are fully using the term ‘sh*t’ in the same way that I do. They seem to appreciate the simple and direct meaning the word sh1t invokes for most of us. I personally like to use ‘Good Sh1t’ to mean ‘sh1t that tastes good’, where as I am guessing that by Good Sh*t they mean that it is good for you because it has probiotics and sh1t like that in it. I am hoping that both usages of the phrase are an accurate description of this product.

Before we even start, bonus point for the monochromatic, minimalist design of this can, really admire the commitment to the ‘simple and direct’ theme I mentioned above.

Cracking the pull tab of the can, the familiar scent of cola filled the air further raising the sense of suspense and anticipation as a tendril of condensation rose from the can beckoning me to sample the delights within.

Unable to resist any longer I took a mouthful and winced. Vinegar. It tasted of vinegar. Totally not what I was expecting. I tentatively took another swig. Yeah, There is a definite tang of cider vinegar not unlike the flavour of a kombucha, but after the initial shock, I could taste the cola flavour loud and clear. 

By the time I had finished the can, I was totally on board with this. I really enjoyed it but I want to make sure that everyone knows what they are in for it does taste a like a modern health tonic, so if you hate the taste of cider vinegar or kombucha or associated fermented beverages, maybe give it a miss. I had mine ice cold and found it to be delicious, tangy and refreshing on a hot muggy day. 


Except they spelt ‘sh1t’ wrong – 7.5/10

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