Gigglepuss Confectionery – The Retro Box

Breaking news – Gigglepuss Confectionery contacted me recently with some important sh1t that needed to be eaten and sent me out one of the ‘packaging is hot off the presses’ Retro Boxes. A Gigglepuss Retro Box is a nostalgic mix of all the lovely sh1t that you used to eat when you were at the time in your life when these things were the most enjoyable. 

Nostalgia is a disease that manifests in the aged when they look at sh1t from the past too much. Symptoms include wistfulness, utterances of ‘back in my day’ and temporary blindness to how sh1t the past really was. Recently this malady has mutated into a variant that is able to jump generations and the irresponsible use of stimulated nostalgia by advertising agencies to get us to buy products has made even the youngest of our communities vulnerable to retro inspired television programs like ‘The Strange Thing’ and has even lead to cases in which people unironically like sh1t 80s music.

Nostalgia can now affect anyone at any age, it can even cause a longing for a time in which one was not even born yet. A prominent psychologist man said: “Emotion is a strong evoker of nostalgia due to the processing of these stimuli first passing through the amygdala, the emotional seat of the brain.”

Now I am not sure what all that means, but I am not taking the risk. No more emotion for me.

I opened this box with a completely stoic and blank look upon my face, but I was forced to smile first out of one side of my mouth and then both.

It was with great joy that I watched as seemingly in slow motion the following toppled from the Retro Box when I upended it:

  • Cadbury Chocolate Fish
  • Empire Rainbow Bar
  • Empire Raspberry Bar
  • Empire Hokey Pokey Bar
  • Empire Frosted Caramel Bar
  • Cadbury Buzz Bar
  • Gold Nuggets Bubble Gum
  • Space Man Candy Sticks

Most of you will know all of these, some of you will know some of these, and some of you who weren’t fortunate enough to have grown up in New Zealand, might not know any of these (hi, to followers from other places <<<wave>>) or perhaps some of you haven’t had a chance to grow up at all yet. You have to be at least 13 to join Instagram, btw so sh1t off until you are, you eager whippersnappers.

At any rate, let me know if yous think I should do a separate review on one or more of the contents, who knows, there might be some interesting sh1t to find out about some of these…

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