Galaxy Minstrels

I recently received a shipment of scientific equipment to further my work here at the sh1tlabs and there, tucked into the package was this little packet of ‘Galaxy Minstrels’.

I have honestly never even heard of these before and that means I can wildly speculate as to what is inside this little white packet. 😏

Galaxy Minstrels sounds like the title to an anime television series from 1986 about a group of musicians that have been given high tech alien musical instruments by a mysterious ghostly woman who claims to come from another galaxy. Her galaxy had been destroyed by the evil Gordel, a race of robotic insects led by Lord Mordiac who now had set his sights on their home galaxy!

Our five heroes form a sci- fi medieval rock band and travel through space performing across the galaxy to thwart the misdeeds of Lord Mordiac and his robotic swarms. When the going gets too much, the minstrels are able to combine their weapons into the ultimate force of galactic justice:The Bardic Protector, a giant electric guitar wielding mech suit, to put an end to misdeeds everywhere and save our galaxy once and for all!

I anxiously tore open the packet only to find a decent sized handful of large chocolate buttons. Well… that is good too, I guess…

There is not much information the research could dig up on these (the wiki was very short). Galaxy Minstrels are chocolate dragees, candy coated chocolate, from the UK and are similar to giant m&m’s. In fact the slogan ‘Melts in your mouth, not in your hands’ was first coined by a product called ‘Treets’ in the UK during the 1960’s – Minstrels became their replacement and stole the slogan along with counterparts m&m’s. The Galaxy name might be familiar as these are a Mars branded confectionery using Galaxy chocolate.

These are a lot bigger than m&m’s measuring a whopping 20mm in diameter and provide a satisfying mouthful of smooth, sweet chocolate accented by the crunchy candy shell. Simple, delicious and one of the more pleasant things I have put in my mouth.

Yo, Netflix, hit me up – 6.5/10

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