Free From Gluten – Cheese Twists

I actually am not sure what the brand name is supposed to be, but “free from gluten” is what I see most prominently scrawled across the packaging. If you look really carefully you can see it just below that little apple looking logo… I am pretty sure I have seen that logo somewhere before. 🤔

Ah! That is the ‘Essentials’ branding. The Woolworths product range. Or Countdown – Countdowns are all essentially Woolworths, NZ, which is essentially Woolworths, Australia.

I usually like to review products on their own merits without comparing to other products out there, but this sh1t is just begging to be put in the same market as a certain twisted corn based cheese snack. I mean it is called “cheese twists” – anyone else able to decipher where abouts in the snack market this is supposed to be positioned?

OK to be completely fair, this is overtly gluten free, so actually might be a slightly different market, but last time I tried a ‘twistie’ cheese snack, it was seriously lacking and it is essential that we have something to replace that sh1t. I wonder if ‘Essentials’ Cheese Twists could be the alternative until Twisties gets its sh1t together.

How well do you know your Twisties? Can you tell these two apart? Yup, these are a lot more like Cheetos or Corntos or ‘Australian Twisties’ in appearance and texture. If your knowledge on the subtleties of cheese snack is rusty, they are denser, less ‘airy’ and break down to a not unpleasant mealy texture.

These tasted excellent though – very cheesy with a bite that I am guessing from the ingredients list is the onion and garlic powder. Nice alternative, especially if you are one who is not so gluten inclined, (nicer than Twisties IMO), but this isn’t really Twisties. Perhaps this sh1t is competing with the Australian Twisties more than the blue pack Twisties that we are used to here in NZ…

Plus side, the brand new packet of Twisties I bought to compare seemed to have a lot more taste than when last I tried them. Any of you out there tried Twisties recently? What you reckon, they tasting any better?

Still a straight world – 6.5/10

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