Fix and Fogg – Smoke and Fire

Last post I had uncovered a trove of lost treasure and here is another artifact that I was able to unearth in my sh1t hunting expeditions, one which I was sure had been lost to the ravages of time, Fix & Fogg – Smoke and Fire.

This was recommended years ago – well literally a year ago – and since then I had been lying awake nights with tears of frustration rolling down my cheeks fearing that I missed out and dreaming of what might have been.

Seriously this is Fix & Foggs peanut butter, which I have tried and raved about in a previous post, that has had Kaitaia Fire cayenne peppers (another favourite brand of mine btw, 👋) blended into it. That sounds so crazy that it might actually work.

… aaaand just when I had given up on ever finding it, smoke signals from across the valley alerted me that something was up. And sure enough where there’s smoke there was the Smoke & Fire. Not sure, but I think this has been re-added to the range because I also see that it is available in the online shop again.

I had no idea how to eat this, when I finally did get my hand on it, so I just grabbed a spoon and hoed right in. Rich, buttered peanuts filled my mouth as I moved my jaw in a circular motion like a cow chewing the cud. It had a deliciously smokey flavour as I read from the label that it had been flavoured with manuka smoke and Spanish paprika. Smoked peanuts! What a fine concept! The first mouthful ended with a pleasant kick of heat from the cayenne. Reminded me a little of those flavoured peanuts. But better. Works on bread too, btw.

I know they have some new pumpkin pie butter now, seriously that sounds pretty great too maybe I’ll find some in a year or so…

And I have also seen in a past journal entry that there is a thing called Smoke and Inferno which has cayenne, mānuka smoked jalapeño and habanero peppers! 😮

And one called Smoke and Chaos which has Carolina Reaper peppers! 🤯

But those links on online store are dead. Looks like I have a new dream…

Finally got my Fix. & Fogg – 8.5/10

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