First – Sensations – Karpuz aromalı

This is number 3 in the @turkishtreatbox series and you can still order a box from them with the special code ‘SH1TEATER20’ for a 20% discount.

Thanks again for voting (see website in my bio) but seriously folks, another Karpuz flavour? You all sure seem to love Karpuz – no worries I have a lot to say about Karpuz. Karpuz translates to watermelon… Oh you all knew that from last week? Well, did you know that Turkey is one of the largest growers of Karpuz in the world? Oh yeah, I mentioned that last week too.

Okay what else… Gum. This shit right here is watermelon flavoured chewing gum. I think this is the first time I have reviewed gum before and what better brand to review first than First.

Opening the packet I was impressed to see 14 little sticks of gum lined up in neat rows – reminded me of opening a fresh pack of cigarettes. I was also greeted by the happy looking message ‘First çiğne ana tat kat!’ which could have meant anything from ‘Hello, beautiful person!’ to “Piss off!’ as far as I knew. I am still very new to the Turkish language even though this is my third review on Turkish snacks, so please bear with me.

Google translate told me it is something to the effect of ‘ First chew – main taste!’ If any Turks out there have a better translation I would love to know.

These unsurprisingly, tasted of watermelon but there was a sort of ‘fresh’ flavour in behind somewhere there too. Like an extremely mild spearmint. The watermelon flavour was strong and sweet, but as is usual with gum, faded fast. My sample of 14 sticks gave an average fade time of 1 minute 46 seconds, but the fresh tasting watermelon/spearmint flavour hung in there for a good 17 minute 28 seconds. Mild as it was, it did seem to keep the breath fresh. My research project of getting too close to people and breathing heavily on them garnered some strange looks but no complaints of bad breath from any of the 14 ̶v̶i̶c̶t̶i̶m̶s̶
I mean participants.

Taking full advantage of living in NZ – trying that with a face mask on could’ve been difficult.

uzun süreli tat – 5. 5/10

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