Eti- Puf – Renkli – Granül Kaplamalı Marshmallow Bisküvi

Next up on the @turkishtreatbox list is this sh1t. It might look familiar to yous because it looks familiar to mes. I reviewed one of this sh1t before only it was the coconut one. Remember Hindistan cevizi? Indian walnut?

This flavour is ‘Renkli’ though, which translates to something like colourful. I guessed it was going to mean rainbow, but I was terribly wrong and it was ‘colourful’. Ah well, I guess I still have a ways to go before I am fully fluent in the Turkish language.

This “Granule Coated Marshmallow Biscuit” certainly is colourful, at least compared to the virtually colourless coconut one.

Biting into it, I found it to be almost the same as the coconut one, minus the desiccated/decimated coconut. The ‘colourful’ didn’t really taste of much other than sugar. I may have detected a slight coconutty flavour in there somewhere too, but it may have just been some associative neural experience linked to the last time I ate an Eti Puf.

Decent, quite nice.

I am not going to go too in depth in this review as it is basically the same as the coconut one I reviewed except this time it looks like a unicorn took a sh1t on a biscuit.

Definitely more colourful tho – 6/10

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