Eti – Puf Hindistan Cevizli Biskuvi

Time to pry open my @turkishtreatbox once more and go fishing (Balık tutma) for the 4th most voted for item: The mighty Puf Coconut Biscuit. Watermelon was a recurring theme and now we move on to something else that has featured in my posts a lot recently, coconut.

First up let’s all learn how to say coconut in Turkish. Up until opening this treat box, I didn’t know even a single word in the Turkish language but now marvel as technology helps break language barriers with ease. It will be just like that show from the 60’s where they travel through space seeking out new life and new civilizations, but have no trouble speaking their languages thanks to their handy, dandy universal translators. I think it was called The Jetsons. The future is now, folks, our universal translator is Google translate.

According to my translator, the Turkish word for coconut is Hindistan Cevizli. I discovered by messing about and separating the words that Hindistan means India?!! And Cevizli means walnut! So, coconut in Turkey is actually Indian Walnut?? Can somebody please confirm this for me? I want to start calling coconuts Indian walnuts to confuse the sh1t out of people as soon as possible.

But wait, it goes deeper – there is already some sh1t called Indian walnut in English and it is a candlenut. This is very confusing, maybe we are going to have to wait until 2151 until we can build a proper universal translator. 

Oh how I digress. 

I am just going to shove this Puf Hindistan Cevizli Biskuvi into my gob to shut me up.

Quite nice – It is a marshmallow ‘puf’, sprinkled in coconut, on top of a biscuit. The biscuit is a kind of wine biscuit, a bit bland but perfect for showcasing the marshmallow which is chewy and of excellent texture. And yes that that sh1t on top is desiccated coconut or decimated Indian walnut or whatever you want to call it. 

Stay Puf Marshmallow, man – 6/10

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