Eti – Pizza Kraker

Hmmm what in the sh1t could these be? This may be the hardest Turkish sh1t to translate in the whole @turkishtreatbox box…

Pizza means pizza
Kraker means cracker

Hmmm. Nope. Still not sure what this could be…

Maybe there are some clues from the graphics on the front of the packet… An onion, a tomato and a pepper. No help here either… How very frustrating.

I employed every member in the research team and after several days of deep meditation and prayer, finally we came to what we thought could be the elusive answer. We are tentatively going to guess that the contents of this cryptic packaging is a bunch of crackers that taste like pizza.

Now that we had a theory to test, I opened the packet with shaking hands, being careful not to rip it in the wrong place so that I could still get the kind of soul inspiring photo I am known for, and breathed a sigh of relief as pizza scented air filled my nasal cavities and lungs.

A handful of these little trilobed crackers into my mouth and a satisfied smile spread across my face. I was convinced we had finally gotten to the right answer.

These were pretty tasty – kind of like them pizza flavoured Shapes, but texture was puffier and lighter, perhaps with slightly more sweetness. Speaking of shapes, why are these shaped like this and why the hole in the middle? I noticed whilst eating that you can thread a piece of string through them and spin them. No idea why you would want to, but you can.

Bonus sh1t: orijinal lezzet means original flavour.

Code crackers – 6.5/10

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