Eti – Balik Kraker

The people have spoken – the vote has been tallied and the Balik Kraker has emerged victorious. Thank yous to those that voted and especially to those who spent a whole afternoon refreshing the page so you could vote hundreds of times. You can vote for the next Turkish shit that I’ll try through the website on my bio ( oh and if you want your own Turkish treat box, the code ‘SH1TEATER20’ still gives you a 20% discount.

This is the first of the snacks that @turkishtreatbox sent me in the ‘classic’ snack box and I am guessing it got the most votes because ‘Balik Kraker’ sounds funny – if I had a higher opinion of my followers maturity I might think it was because of the surreal image of a cartoon fish singing to a bunch of fish shaped crackers, which is interesting, but not as funny as the name. I am going to resist pointing out the obvious phrase that this Turkish name sounds like in English, except to state that it sounds painful and to admit that I would’ve probably voted for it too based on that name.

Rather than a medieval torture device, ‘Balik Kraker’ translates to ‘Fish Cracker’. Damn, that doesn’t really sound any better. The other text on the packet ‘daha minik balikar’ translates to something like ‘more tiny fish’. I am completely lost at this point, why are there musical notes around the phrase? I think the big fish is singing: 🎵 ‘more tiny fish’🎵 This is really starting to freak me out. Anyone know what is going on?

Best I calm my addled mind with a snack.

I thought the packet was on the small side, but these little fish shaped crackers were abundant, indeed more tiny fish…🤔 and thank the gods, they didn’t taste of fish at all. These had a strong flavour of sweet corn and finished with an aftertaste of pretty intense saltiness. It had the texture of a digestive biscuit only lighter and airier, like it had been ‘puffed’. Didn’t take long before I assumed the dual hand fishing technique and polished off the whole pack. I haven’t tasted anything like these before, but I was really into them.

What a load of Baliks – 7/10

2 thoughts on “Eti – Balik Kraker

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    1. Hi Christine,

      So glad that this information about Eti – Balik Krakers important to you. One of the most important info for you? Really? While I appreciate the compliment, I can’t help but feel that this is a bit of a stretch. Don’t get me wrong, I agree it is important, just not “one of the most important info”.

      Hell, I can think of several more important info’s off the top of my head right now and none of them have to do with the popular goldfish shaped crackers we are talking about.

      Glad you like the articles and style of the website, but please come back as it is a work in progress – maybe you could leave one of your highly relevant and stimulating comments again!


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