EatKinda – Ice Cream – Strawberry Swirl.

Open up your earholes folks, this sh1t might just blow your mind… In fact I am going to do this sh1t backwards and give the big reveal before I tell you what it is like, because I had heard what this was made from before I ordered it and only fair we move forward with you knowing as well:

This is ice cream made from CAULIFLOWER!

The legends say that eatkinda started with a sh1tty vegan cheesecake that worked out so bad that it turned into ice cream, but that ice cream was so good that it was picked up at a ‘Startup Taranaki’ event and became the product you see in the pics now.

But how to get this unlikely ice cream the fame it deserves?

This is where the dark lords at hellpizza come in. Signing away the souls of countless cauliflowers, EatKinda was promised they would be exposed to the right people in high places of influence so that they can take the world by storm in a way that store rejected cauliflowers and sh1tty vegan cheese cake could only dream of.

Hell Pizza offered to shout me dinner so that I could say hell-o to their little friend. Obviously this is because my followers are among the best of Instagram users, highly influential and able to supply the necessary prestige.

I had to get the Strawberry Swirl as somebody bought up all of the ‘Mint Choc Bikkie’ ones, my local Hell Pizza was totally ‘out of stock’ when I ordered. Which one of you was it, btw? Are they good?

There is no way I would’ve picked this as being anything other than a high quality ice cream. And absolutely no way I would’ve guessed that this was cauliflower. It is deliciously sweet and unbelievably creamy plus the strawberry swirl is a perfect amount of sweet and tangy to compliment the ice cream.

I am more than happy to recommend this, if fact, I will do more than recommend and say that this one is a must try. +1 point for the novelty of being made from cauliflower. And, what the hell, another bonus point for using as much rescued, cosmetically imperfect cauliflower that they could get their hands on to make this product.

My Kinda sh1t – 9/10

Get it here:

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