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Eat Real – Hummus Chips – Tomato Basil

Eat Real – Hummus Chips – Tomato Basil

Here is yet another trophy that I was finally able to lay hands on after what I am considering to be my most successful sh1thunt yet. I was sure I had seen these several times before, but as soon as it was recommended to me, the shelfs went bare and on all of my subsequent  visits to check on stock levels, I was repeatedly mocked by ‘sorry out of stock stickers’.

I am not sure why this sh1t happens, but I have always assumed  it is because all of you rush out and clear the shelves of products I am about to review so that you all can play along at home. Well folks, time to open your pantries and grab your bags of Eat Real hummus chips I am ready to begin now.

I have seen a lot of chips in my line of work: potato, corn, kumera, vege, rice, fishin’ – but this would be the first time I have laid my eyes upon a chip made from hummus. 

Like how does that even work? Is it actual hummus pressed into a chip or is it just chickpea chips? Does it have tahini in it too? Also what the sh1t is tahini? 

First things first, let’s read the ingredients list. My research tells me that tahini is actually a condiment made from sesame and I see neither it nor sesame on the ingredients, though to be fair it could be described as ‘natural flavour’ (still looking out for product containing supernatural flavour, btw).

Main ingredient is chickpea flour (31%) but also has potato, rice and corn making this some sort of a Frankenstein chip. (Please note that this is a Halloween reference so I have fulfilled my obligations in posting about Halloween for this year.)

31% chickpea qualifies as a chickpea chip in my book, but it didn’t really taste like hummus at all, more like them puffed corn snacks, same with the texture. Maybe a little crunchier and less readily dissolved in the mouth.

The tomato & basil flavouring was very much to my taste – Unsurprisingly tasted Italian to me, light seasoning but enough to still have a savoury tang and an ever so slightly spicy kick at the end. 

Thing that make you go hummus – 6.5/10

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