Dragon Sweets – Gummy Hot Dog

Do you like hot dogs? 

Well too bad because believe it or not, the object picture above, despite looking exactly like a Hot Dog and being overtly labeled as a Hot dog, is not, in fact, a Hot Dog.

I know, disappointing right?

Imagine how disappointed I was after I returned home after purchasing what I thought was an excellent deal on a Hot Dog. Only to find that I had in fact purchased a gummy hot dog.

I try to remain positive after minor setbacks like this and looking on the bright side of the silver lined, half full glass – I now have access to a gummy Hot Dog from Dragon Sweets to eat.

A hot dog is a sausage served inside a split bun usually topped with several condiments, such as onion, ketchup, mustard and relish.

The whole concept of a hot dog is based on drowning it with sauce is because the types of a sausage – usually frankfurter – used in a hot dog is usually of such notoriously poor quality that it could not be eaten otherwise.

I recall having a habit of repeatedly getting these really questionable hot dogs from the service station. I think there was 12 different types of condiments you could get and honestly, the quality of the hot dog didn’t matter because it ended up having so many different types of sauces and that it could’ve been a rolled up newspaper under there and it probably still would’ve tasted good. Usually I had had so much to drink that I couldn’t taste sh1t anyways.

Even though this isn’t really hot dog, the ‘Gummy’ is probably made from the same sh1t only further processed into gelatin with special bonus plant equivalent pectin added – so it is pretty much the same thing.

I had a lot of trouble working this out to be honest. I had to pull it all apart to try and make heads or tails of what was going on here. The ‘bun’ shaped gummies were quite obviously supposed to be the hot dog bun, but what was the red and yellow things? Ketchup and mustard, I guess. Where is the frankfurter though? It isn’t a hot dog with out a frank, is it? Perhaps the red is supposed to be the sausage? Is yellow still mustard, then or cheese maybe?

This didn’t tasted anything at all like a hot dog and all of the components just tasted sweet and a little chemically. The yellow didn’t taste anything like mustard… Texture was great though, enjoyably yielding like a good gummy as well as being tough enough to make you work for it. Very satisfying, but not a hot dog by any definition.

You know what they’re made of, Chet? – 5.5/10

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