Doritos Test Flavour – 855

Rounding the aisle of my local dairy, I was momentarily blinded as the sun struck a highly reflective surface and bombarded my eyes with highly focused narrow bands of electromagnetic radiation.

I blinked furiously and rubbed at my sensory organs until normal vision had resumed and found myself staring directly at a shiny metallic packet of Doritos. It would seem the shop keep had managed to source a test flavour that had been leaked from the Doritos lab. Black market dairy’s ftw.

This one is coded as test flavour 855, so we are going to have to try and guess what it is – one of the problems with leaked foodstuffs. ‘855’ is the same designation as a Doritos ‘Jacked’ Flavour that was released in 2014 which turned out to be spicy taco or some sh1t.

But don’t go trying to ransom Doritos $10,000 with this information yet as it seems they have a very strange numbering system in their lab, totally incompetent labeling two different samples as 855, but this sh1t probably isn’t the same as the old ’14 jacked flavour because when I examined it, I discovered it wasn’t a flaming shade of red – No, this was same colour as corn chips and were sprinkled with flecks of herbaceous green matter.

To be honest, tasting these didn’t really offer much else in the way of clues either. It tasted like ‘generic flavour Dorito’ -all the usual herb used in chips were in there, like garlic and onion maybe, some paprika and rosemary. Beside this was a salty/spicy/savoury flavour, like chicken stock or 2 minute noodle flavour sachets.

If you were hoping that I would have the answer to what this flavour is so that you could win $10,000, prepare for disappointment – it could be anything really – spicy taco again, maybe burrito – If one held a gun to my throat or a knife to my head, I would probably go with some sort of a herb chicken dish, or perhaps chicken burrito? but equally I might guess ‘Generic Doritos Flavour’.

It isn’t bad tasting, but it doesn’t taste enough like what it is supposed to taste like for me to accurately guess what it is supposed to taste like.

This is only a test – 6.5/10


What flavour is Doritos Test Flavour 855?

Doritos revealed the Test Flavour 855 to be Mie goreng on July 26th 2021

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