Doritos – Guacamole and Salsa

It looks like Doritos may have finally run out of ideas. It seems like the brainstorming session in the Doritos idea room has only managed to come up with flavours that are literally just the best dips to put on a corn chip. 

Hey, you know what goes well with corn chips? Salsa. And you know what else? Guacamole. I mean yes, they aren’t wrong, to be fair. But don’t Doritos already have a salsa flavoured chip? Maybe not.

And we have seen in a previous post, guacamole is difficult flavour to pull off as avocado isn’t the most intense of flavours – but let’s see what doritos can do.

Opening the bag I had discovered that Doritos have made these two flavoured chips separately: there are salsa flavoured chips in here and there are guacamole flavoured chips and instead of releasing two different flavours they have released them in the same packaging. Oh and yet again they have forgotten to sort and divide the chips properly, everything is all mixed up – what a mess!

And speaking of mess, look at the guacamole flavoured corn chip: I know guacamole is green – but so is corn mold, and that makes this a pretty unappetizing colour to me. Perhaps they could have chosen a more unnatural stylized green to colour the chip with – still would’ve been weird, but at least it would be obvious that it was green by design.

My research team has informed me, however, that of the several species of fungi known to cause mold on corn, only a few – Fusarium, Gibberella and Aspergillus– can produce mycotoxins that can harm me. 

I like those odds.

The salsa chip was pretty much what I would expect, zingy tomato with a hint of spice – very nice.

The guacamole wasn’t bad either, but didn’t taste much like avocado to me – mostly tasted of citrus, which is fine. Avocado wouldn’t have stood a chance against mixed into a bag with the more intense salsa flavour anyway.

These are decent and are on tier with other Doritos flavours I have had, not best, but by no means the worst. I’ll never speak ill about expanding the choice of flavours available in the world though.

Time to dip out – 6/10

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